Amundsen Bryggeri (Norway)

Amundsen Bryggeri, are an Oslo based brewery and a successful brewpub company with a number of restaurants and drinking establishments across Oslo, Norway.  Established in 2011, they have recently installed their own canning line and are rapidly becoming a highly reputable craft brewery, with a creative range of beers and styles.  At the epicentre of creativity is Matt Arens, ex Brew By Numbers (UK) and ex SKA Brewing Master Thomas Larsen (US). The team are further developing the already popular beers, which include barrel ageing programs; mud cake series; fruit infused berliner-weiss series and the heavily hopped beers to be drunk fresh.

Ink and Dagger our core 6.5% Modern Day IPA is our take on a crushable IPA. 

Hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra we feel you can drink this all day every day.


Available in 24X330ml Cans

and 30L Keykegs

Hopbliminal Messages our core New England Inspired Pale Ale sits at a smooth 5.3% Hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra you can expect tropical fruit flavours with a soft finish. 

Contains: Milk Sugar 

Available in 24x330ml cans and 30L Keykegs 


Apocalyptic Thunder Juice showcase the New England Style with just one hop... Mosaic. This hop gives flavours of Blueberry and Melon. 

Contains Milk Sugar

Avaialble in 24X330ml Cans and 30L Keykegs  

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